December 7, 2011

Wait wait don't show me

i've mentioned this before, but sometimes i don't like to know what my voices look like.

it started with Harriet Wheeler from the Sundays, and more recently i preferred the mugs of
Jad and Robert to remain a mystery. after listening to a voice for a while, your mind naturally conjures up its own image of the voice's face, and seeing the real thing can be quite jarring. (like when i finally saw this and started clicking on bios.) even if your version is pretty close, there's something about it that still feels like a let down.

these days it's almost impossible not to know what someone looks like, being that 99.9999% of what we read or learn comes from the internet. (and i can't remember the last book i read that didn't have an author photo on the inside jacket) Radio is probably the last stronghold where disembodied voices can create a cozy home inside your head. (and podcasts too, i guess) Artist Gaelan Kelly decided to create sketches of all the voices he listens to... some of which are my voices too.

here are links to
Part 1 and Part 2. (i think i originally saw this post via Jad Abumrad's Twitter account) my favorites are Carl Kasell and Garrison Keillor...

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jdhtwo said...

Best blog title ever.