August 29, 2009


our stereo is haunted. it likes to turn on and off at random. sometimes we're in the middle of a movie, and suddenly there's no sound. other times we come home to find the stereo on, like today. i mean, either we have a radio ghost or Rocco really like Prairie Home Companion...

August 25, 2009

kids say the best things.

Z says that she doesn't want to kiss boys because they have coochies. "Z, i think you mean cooties."

a FB friend posted this comment from her little girl the other day. it was so amazing i had to archive it for posterity.

August 8, 2009


Matt has made or fetched me coffee every morning since we got married... the man knows his way to this girl's heart.

August 1, 2009

Honeymoon status updates, for posterity.

July 26- bam, married.

July 28- so far- late dinner w/ live jazz, millennium park, VIP treatment at amazing thai restaurant, movie and deep dish pizza, field museum, shedd aquarium, grant park and buckingham fountain. i guess we're having fun. :)

July 29- Second City was amazing, as was dinner before. coffee now and then the Science Museum!
enjoyed the sunset with gelato and coffee on the top of the john hancock building... followed by more deep dish pizza and the tallest glass of wine i've ever been served in a restaurant.

July 30- today- delicious breakfast with lovely company and good conversation, strolling and window shopping in Wicker Park, afternoon resting and eating leftovers... ended the day by plowing through the Art Institute, and seeing my favorite Magritte in person.

July 31- last day- rented a tandem and biked all along Lake Michigan. stopped for pictures, Lincoln Park Zoo, and dipping toes in the water. caffeine pit stop @ Intelligentsia, then train to airport to airport to train to brisk, wet 3 block walk to our house.

eerily accurate.

Corrie completed the quiz "What is your Patronus?" with the result Elephant.
Your Patronus would be an elephant. You are wise and quick-witted, but are slow and clumsy physically. You shy away from fighting and solve problems verbally. You are generally an independent person, but you get along well with everyone..