August 1, 2014

2014 Drink of the Summer

for obvious reasons. we'll be back to the real stuff next summer...
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Bub's world

Internet cats are silly and ridiculous, but what do you do if one accidentally happens to you? I have long been impressed with the way Mike Bridavsky has handled his cat's accidental celebrity and success. this article from SPIN delves into his philosophy behind Lil Bub's business decisions and celebrates the independent/DIY nature of Bub's realm, not to mention their philanthropic efforts. also, photos of the cutest cat on the planet.

June 13, 2014

Summer plans 2014

This summer feels so much busier than previous ones, so I doubt we will make it to many events (especially after July). But I do like having a list of everything that sounds interesting at our disposal, so here we go... Summer 2014!

May 4: May Day Parade
May 10: Harriet Brewing food truck rally

May 22-September 1: Walker Mini-Golf

June 12: Farewell Milwaukee at Mears Park

June 13: Cactus Blossoms at Water Power Park for Stone Arch Festival, 9pm
June 14-15: Northern Spark (music line-up here, Greycoats show here), Stone Arch Bridge Festival, BoneYard festival, Green Line launch festivals at Target Field and Union Depot
June 21: Summer Solstice performance at Stone Arch bridge
June 28: Rachel Kurtz playing at PRIDE fest, John Mark Nelson CD release at the Cedar
June 29: PRIDE ParadeMN Food Truck Fair, Matt hosting Off the Cuff at the Aster Cafe

July 4: fireworks downtown
July 5: Walker free first Saturday
July 11-12: Jurassic Park at the Riverview, 11:30pm
July 11-13: The Bear and the Barrel w/special guest Greycoats
July 13: Bastille Day block party
July 19: Midtown Global Music Festival 12-8pm
July 20: Lake Calhoun beach bash
July 23: Torchlight Parade
July 24: the Bakken Museum free admission and open until 8pm
July 26: Art Car Parade, 6pm, Aquatennial fireworks, 10pm
July 26-27: Red Hot Art
July 27: Open Streets Central Ave

July 3, 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23: TC River Rats waterski shows

August 2-3: Powderhorn, Loring, and Uptown Art Fairs
August 2: ReSpark, 9pm-12am
August 7: Cactus Blossoms at Mears Park
August 9: Pizza Luce block party
August 14: Internet Cat Video Festival, Greycoats and Chris Koza at Mears Park
August 17: Open Streets Franklin Ave

August 21-Sept 1: MN State Fair (Monroe Crossing Aug 25-26)

September 14: Open Street Nicollet Ave
September 20: Open Streets Lowry Ave

all summer: Music and Movies in the Park!

March 27, 2014


A little bit of fear in a safe place is like being inoculated. It gives you something you can go through and be sure that you’ll come out the other end. It teaches you to be brave.

Neil Gaiman, on writing scary stories for children

January 24, 2014

Animals in the news

Porrick the pig was abandoned by her owner, so the townspeople pitched in to take care of her. look at that little shelter!

an abandoned Soviet ship filled with starving rats has been set adrift by Canada and is expected to crash into the British Isles soon. I guess Canada isn't always the good guy.

January 8, 2014

Ordinary Love

am i the only one who thought U2 was covering Sade? and was a little disappointed to find out that wasn't the case? (side note- if you've never seen the video for No Ordinary Love, please go watch it right now. Sade as a sparkly emo mermaid.... i've said too much.)

anyway, i was pretty skeptical of OMGNEWU2SONGWATCHVIDEONOW. i was a huge fan as a teenager and college student. that's the time in your life to be earnest and idealistic, and early U2 serves up the perfect soundtrack for wanting to save the world, and believing that God would really do it. but like all those first bands we fall in love with, they age and become grown ups and usually the music suffers. (side note #2- i heard a few of Pearl Jam's new songs on the radio, and realized that they are to teenagers today what the Rolling Stones were to me- a previously kick-ass band who are now all like 50 and their new stuff is lame and very much trying too hard. this realization made me feel so sad. and so OLD.)

anyway, i took a chance on the U2 song and i quite liked it. apparently it's part of the soundtrack for the new movie about Nelson Mandela, who they befriended years ago and obviously take much inspiration from. the video is cool too. i like the typography, despite all the jump cuts. anyway, take a listen and see what you think.

Ordinary Love from Joe Ahorro on Vimeo.