December 8, 2011

Hey girl.

there's this guy, Ryan Gosling? have you heard of him? he's been in a few movies, on a few magazine covers, breaking up some street fights... no big deal. anyway, i'm a fan. it was his role in Lars and the Real Girl that sold me. that and him bringing his dog George on Jimmy Fallon. oh and maybe the Dirty Dancing scene from Crazy Stupid Love. (what?)

so, i'm on board with the Ryan Gosling memes. i LOLed at Feminist Ryan Gosling and read through most of them. i watched the online video of Ryan Gosling reading Feminist Ryan Gosling.

but this. THIS.

be still my heart.

(thanks angie!)


angiecleberg said...

Lars is what got me into him too! He's really good in The Believer too. Seen it?

corrie said...

i haven't, but it sounds super interesting... adding it to the list! he was also great in Half Nelson. a tough movie to watch, but great performance.