January 31, 2011

10 songs

a friend tagged me in a note, expounding on great songs, and made a list of 10 of his favorites. he asked for 10 of ours, and i complied, using a very complicated, scientific method to find my ten.

1. open iTunes
2. click on "Top 25 Most Played"
3. write down the first 10

Chris Koza- The Dark, Delirious Morning

Elizabeth Hunnicutt- Where the Day Meets Night

Anais Mitchell feat. Justin Vernon- Wedding Song (the only successful 'call and response' song i know of)

Cloud Cult- Journey of the Featherless

Mitch & Mickey- When You're Next to Me

The Magnetic Fields- The Book of Love

Neutral Milk Hotel- King of Carrot Flowers Part 1

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons- Gettin' By

January 25, 2011

kiss each other clean.

ugh. of course rosie thomas & sam beam sound perfect together.

January 22, 2011

take that, Portland

Have a flat tire? Stranded at work in a snowstorm? Can’t make it home quickly enough to tend to a sick family member? If you bike to work or school 3 or more days per week, you are eligible to participate in Metro Transit’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program. Simply fill out the online registration form, and you will be sent two coupons every six months (upon renewal), good for a free transit ride or a cab fare of up to $25. Coupons may be used whenever you feel you have an emergency situation, particularly when it is not safe or possible for you to reach your destination by bike.

January 21, 2011

January 19, 2011

overheard in Minneapolis.

Woman, after being asked for her phone number: I have only one man in my life and that’s God. Because I know that he would never hurt me. Don’t get me started or I will treat this bus like a Sunday.

nothing is safe from my husband's musical ingenuity.

not even our kitchen...

January 8, 2011

resurgence of an old love.

we've been going over to a friends' house to watch football lately, and it's helped me remember how much i love football. going to watch the Gamecocks was such a big part of my childhood; tuning in to some weekend games feels a little like coming home. i've had the pleasure of watching some sweet games this season, including today's Seahawks game. (good gracious!) but my all-time favorite was watching the 'Cocks beat Alabama on NATIONAL tv. we never do well on national tv! but here i was in Minnesota, on an unseasonably warm October day, watching it happen. matt watched for about 10 minutes and then went outside to mow the lawn.