April 9, 2011

goats standing on top of cows.

great article on Radiolab right here.

when i was in college, i was introduced to the band The Sundays. i thought Harriet Wheeler had the most angelic, otherworldly voice. to me she wasn't even human, and although i was super curious, i didn't want to see a picture of her. it would ruin the whole fantasy in my head- this voice that was so celestial it just couldn't reside in a mere mortal. years later, curiosity got the best of me and i peeked online. it wasn't earth-shattering; i remember thinking, "huh. she kinda looks like Helena Bonham Carter. oh well." i think by then my late-adolescent obsession with The Sundays had matured into a "sure, i'll import them into my iTunes" passivity.

for some reason, i've had the same feeling toward Jad Abumrad, one of the co-hosts of Radiolab. it's my favorite podcast, hands down, and i've enjoyed listening to them on my jogs, imagining what both he and Robert Krulwich look like. i liked my versions of them so much that i just really didn't want to know what they actually looked like.

the Radiolab website is also excellent- they post photos and video related to the episodes, and listeners can comment with their thoughts on the podcasts. i went there to see some photos that were described in a recent episode, and right there on the homepage was a post about their upcoming tour, with an unavoidable photo of Jad & Robert. rather than be disappointed, i was pretty psyched because they very closely matched the mental facsimiles in my head. my Jad was a little more "Ira Glass", and my Robert was a little more "old man from Up"... but i'm pretty pleased with my detective work and profiling.

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