December 29, 2011

Last minute cat stocking.

earlier this summer, we welcomed a new member of the family- our cat Gordon. he was a stray alley cat who hustled his way into our hearts and has totally won us over with his crossed blue eyes, abnormally long fangs, and many diverse and varied vocalizations. he's a weirdo kitty but he's ours now and we adore him.

so like any obsessed pet parent, i wanted him to feel included in the Christmas festivities so i put "make Gordon a stocking" on my to-do list. however, the last 10 days before Christmas were a blur of house guests, parties, illness, and more house guests... and suddenly it was Christmas eve. luckily my mom and i are decent sewers, and we actually churned out this little number in about an hour.

the green fabric is felt, so i just free-handed the shape, cut out 2 of them and sewed them together. the buttons were all randoms from the button jar, and mom used the red & white scraps to create the top of the stocking and the loop. all materials were on hand so this project cost zero dollars!

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