December 16, 2011

Sex World gingerbread house

couldn't help but smile at this one. for those of you outside of MN, Sex World is an infamous adult superstore in downtown Minneapolis, on a somewhat prominent street corner. my first summer here, i spent a lot of time downtown passing out fliers at clubs at like, 2-3am. Sex World somehow became my best landmark for getting around downtown. my friend Dave learned to give me directions that started with, "okay, from Sex World take a right on Washington..."

this was made by a local food blogger- more pics and her short article here. (i saw it here) and if you're curious to see the interior, well here ya go. #7.... whoa.

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Cheryl said...

Funny,how true! I often use SexWorld for my city orientation. When I used to work in the Colonial Warehouse building, my point of reference was also Deja Vu.