January 2, 2012

Beaded wall hanging.

for some reason, as soon as it gets cold, i get crafty. i start scheming projects and actually have the motivation to do them. so far this fall/winter, i've created a gallery wall by our back door for free, built the crazy bookshelf with Matt, started a patchwork quilt, made the advent "wreath" and cat stocking, strung up some photos in an old gilded frame- another free project, and this wall hanging... thing.

it started with this garland for sale on the internet. i saw that and thought i could make something similar with my bead collection. i've been hoarding beads for years, for no real reason other than they're crafty and if there is even a remote possibility that i could make something from it, i'll keep it. the "bead" tin has slowly filled up over the years- broken necklaces, beads i made at summer camp a lifetime ago, shells with holes in them, porcelain beads found at the bottom of my husband's toolbox... into the tin they all go.

i already had the string, and my backyard is not want for sticks, so all the supplies were there. the beads got weeded out by how large their opening was for the string, and from there it was just "artful placement."

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