September 14, 2011

where Bianca was born

have you ever seen the movie Lars and the Real Girl? if you didn't, i completely understand. it was totally mis-marketed. from the DVD cover and packaging, you're led to believe it's just another "zany" rom-com.... which couldn't be further from the truth. i would have never given this one a try, were it not recommended by one of our friends, who has impeccable cultural taste. if Jason says to read it or watch it, we do. and he has never steered us wrong.

anyway, the movie is a story about the outsiders in our world, those of us who are functional but just strange enough that people normally don't know what to do with us. Lars is one of those people, and his oddities/mental issues are enough to alienate the best of us. yet his small family, his church, and his entire town take it upon themselves to follow his psychologist's advice to completely embrace him, strangeness and all. it's one of the most beautiful pictures of community that i have ever seen, and has become one of my favorite films ever.

if you've seen it, you know how these photos relate. there is a central character in the movie named Bianca. these are pictures of her "sisters", taken at the plant where they were
manufactured. i found them haunting and kind of captivating. (some photos NSFW)

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