January 14, 2012

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns)

i love The Office, and i adore Mindy Kaling. i love that she was hired at 24 to be a writer for the show and has gone on to star in it, direct episodes, and become one of the show's executive producers. you go girl. i also love her carefully crafted character Kelly Kapoor; i never knew vapid & shallow could be so funny. my all-time favorite Kelly moment is in season 4, when Ryan returns to the Scranton branch for the first time after being promoted to corporate in NYC. i can't find a clip but basically she fakes a pregnancy to get him to take her out to dinner. it's brilliant.

once i discovered that she was writing a book, i immediately put it on hold at the library. i was like #728 on the request list, which is standard for really popular books. Matt decided to be a sneaky awesome husband and order the book for me for Christmas, because there was no way #728 would make it to #1 before the end of December, right?

turns out, i made it to #1 exactly 4 days before Christmas, a fact that i was super excited for. i was on vacation and still semi-ill, which means lots of time for lounging and reading funny, not-too-challenging memoirs. i went to the library, but for whatever reason the book was not waiting for me on the hold shelf. my other book was there, but not Mindy. this had never happened before, and normally i would h
ave bitched to chatted with a librarian about it immediately, but i was tired and had the other book, so i let it go and went home.

well, the reason the book wasn't there is because, unbeknownst to me, Matt had overheard me talking about going to get it, and had called the library and talked the librarian into removing the book from the shelf. can you believe it? she was understandably very wary and made him verify all my information before finally saying, "...i guess i'm just going to have to trust you on this..." Matt knew if i had gone to pick up the book, i would've read the whole thing before we even got to Christmas morning. thankfully the librarian complied and Christmas was saved!

PS- the book's great. it's basically, exactly like the little sister to Bossypants.


kekinser said...

Alright Corrie, I just finished "Franklin and Eleanor" on your recommendation and really enjoyed it, so I think I will add my name to the 768 people on our library's wait list for this one too!
Kristin Kinser

corrie said...

glad you liked it! i can't wait to read her other books too.