January 23, 2012

State of Wonder

this is another book i have been anticipating since putting it on my library request list months and months ago. i discovered Patchett through the multitudes of people recommending Bel Canto to me. that book was a unique experience- taking in the story felt more like looking at a painting than reading a book, if that makes any sense. my friend Ann said (something to the effect of) the more distance she had from the book, the more power & depth the story gained. i think we're kind of saying the same thing- the book is best when you step back and take in the whole composition in at once, vs. your experience with the details page by page.

so i was thrilled to finally receive her newest from the library. another new story with beginnings in Minnesota (the other being Freedom by Johnathan Franzen), this time a pharmaceuticals company in Eden Prairie. doctors from their lab are sent to the Amazon to investigate fertility drug research being conducted in the jungle. there are bends in the laws of nature, snake attacks, cannibals, and a twist at the end that made me set the book down in surprise. such a well-crafted story with an amazing payoff at the end.

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