September 11, 2011

today, and 10 years ago.

i have no desire to over saturate myself with 9/11 anniversary coverage today. what i've seen online in the week preceding has been (more than) plenty, thank you. i spent That Day glued to the TV in my dorm lobby. the video footage is burned into my brain; i remember it all very clearly and certainly don't feel the need to re-live it today.

what i do find interesting are the first-person accounts. the stories about the people. those who died, and those who were just... there. that feels more real and meaningful to me.

first up, a book designer whose house blog i follow. the last line of her post is the best.

second, a NY Magazine story about the NYFD chaplain who was the first official casualty of the attacks. i imagine NYC is a lesser city without him.

and last, a first-person account of a woman living in the Lower East Side at the time who found some practical ways to help. hers is told in 3 parts:

(aside from 9/11, the Fosterhood blog is incredible. it's the story of a 30-ish, hipster-ish woman who decides to become a single foster parent in NYC. i recommend starting at the very beginning and reading forward.)

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