September 7, 2011


a friend of mine died monday night, from cancer. he had been suffering for years, so the silver lining is that he is at peace. we weren't close- he briefly dated a roommate of mine, and we were in the same circle of friends, but we didn't really spend any one-on-one time together. after he was diagnosed, he moved back home to California for treatments and had been there ever since. we occasionally corresponded via postcards, and i always replied when he sent out an email update. i hadn't received one of those since May, so the news was a bit of a surprise.

he wasn't super active on ye ole internet, but he had a facebook page, and right now it is flooded with tributes, memories, pictures of him that others are posting. it's a virtual wake. i guess in this day and age, when friends and family are so far flung, it's the one place where all can gather and remember together.

someone i don't even know linked to this post that Levi wrote over a year and a half ago. it's hard to read now, with his death so recent. but the person who posted it said he reads it often for inspiration, to make him think, "what's my excuse?" and in time i think it will do the same for me. thank you Levi, for all the good you brought into this world and all the beauty that you celebrated. you inspire me to do the same.

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jdhtwo said...

Thanks, Corrie. Thanks, Levi.