September 4, 2011

a tattoo of what?

i grew up in a state where tattooing was illegal (and remained illegal until 2004, although the first legal tattoo wasn't administered until 2006). obviously you wouldn't get arrested for having a tattoo, but the act itself of tattooing was illegal. it is still weird for me to go home for a visit and see a tattoo parlor a few blocks from my mom's house. coincidentally, an old friend of mine works there. he has a great blog where he posts recent work & stuff that inspires him. he is truly a skilled artist with an established aesthetic, and all of his work is incredible, but i have to admit, my favorite posts are the absurdly random tattoos requested by walk-ins. case in point:

from here

ridiculousness aside, that is a pretty amazing pizza lightning bolt.

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mom said...

I saw Darcey yesterday sitting outside the tattoo shop