September 1, 2011

Mom Conquers the State Fair: a bulletpoint re-cap of her visit

- early morning airport pickup
- visit at the house with house guest #1, talk shop about priests & altar guilds, consume lots of coffee
- lunch at Psycho Suzi's with Matt. first time out on the patio- much indecision on where to sit.
- afternoon naptime
- dinner with friends at the Blue Nile. Mom wanted to try something new, so Ethiopian it is!

- errands. bought Gordon a scratching post that he refuses to use.
- lunch with Matt at Wilde Roast. yay gelato (and yay for Mom whispering, "she is way too old to be wearing that" and me turning to see an older drag queen in a super tight Pucci dress)
- afternoon nap
- dinner at home, showing off some recipes i've found and convincing Mom that brussels sprouts can, in fact, be delicious
- drinks at Aster Cafe while watching Matt play with Annie Fitzgerald

Saturday, the day we've been waiting for.
*animal barns ("Now here is a cow who exudes what dairy farming is all about today.")
*cheese on a stick
*raptor demonstration
*DNR pond
*pork chop on a stick
*"If I Were Harry Potter" game at the MPR booth. I got to answer a question and received sweet HP glasses as my prize
*Agriculture building (Crop Art!)
*Farmers Union for a mocha on a stick and the Mystery Mountain Boys.
*craft building
*cheese curds
*sweet, sweet corn
*Sky Glider (not the best idea for mom and me)
*Fine Arts building
*deep fried pickles and chocolate covered bacon
*dairy building (aka, the Butterheads)
*International Bazaar, beer, Latin music and entertaining dancers, including an elderly man in a fanny pack and fisherman's cap.
- come home, eat real food, drink wine and watch O Brother Where Art Thou

- much lazing around in the morning
- mother/daughter skill share: teach mom the magic way of folding t-shirts, learn how to knit from her
- visit Northern Clay Center
- drop her off at airport, make her promise to visit more often.

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Mom/Anna said...

and I had a wonderful time