June 9, 2012

Garden update #2

the backyard is coming along nicely, and both Matt and i have discovered the enjoyment of puttering around in your own dirt. here are some photo updates!

we've put in borders around all the garden beds (still need something to go in that open spot):

the hydrangea, doing just fine in its corner:

our variegated hostas have grown big stalks with multiple blossoms:

this rhododendron is by far the "happiest" plant:

bleeding hearts growing bigger:

i made that trellis out of branches from the trees we chopped down! we planted Boston Ivy to grow up it and over the fence:

honeysuckle to cover the random bit of chain link by the garage:

we can't keep up with the basil and rosemary! we've had caprese bruschetta many times already. and i found a little lantana for the turtle planter:

lilac still hanging in there, leaves still look funky. matt made brick borders for both the lilac and burning bush:

burning bush, with just a tiny bit of growth on it:

matt made a little patio in the middle of the yard for the fire pit/furnace thingy:

the best addition recently was a birthday gift from my folks- a genuine Pawley's Island Hammock and stand. my family went to Pawley's every summer; it is my favorite place on earth. i've been to the Hammock Shop and seen them being made, and we always had one in our backyard growing up. having one up here in my own backyard makes MN feel just a little more like home. this is where i've been spending most of my backyard time:

not pictured: the bluer hostas are still doing great. the ferns, sadly, have been mostly trampled by now. i even bought stakes to prop up the branches, but they were no match for the squirrels who burrow in the mulch to keep cool. i'm hoping they will still survive to the next year and multiply. i've since seen yards with a thick line of ferns and it looks SO pretty. time will tell!

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Vickie said...

Love, love, what you've done to the yard. What a difference some tlc does. Mom P.