June 27, 2012

Ear on Arm

photo from here

at first i thought it was an unusual tattoo. Nope. it's a prosthetic shaped like an ear that was surgically implanted into his arm:

His Ear on Arm project began in 2006 by using a skin expander to create excess skin on his left forearm.  A biocompatible scaffold was then surgically inserted into his left forearm and the skin suctioned around it to create the shape of the ear.  After all of these years he’s still perfecting the shape using stem cells and surgery to make the ear more prominent. Eventually Stelarc wants to insert a Wi-Fi enabled microphone in the ear of which he says, “if you’re in San Francisco and I’m in London, you’ll be able to listen in to what my ear is hearing, wherever you are and wherever I am.”

more from the Street Anatomy post quoted above, and a longer Wired article from May.

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