June 22, 2012

crocheted things.

a couple days ago, i had to run over to Matt's studio at lunch to get his signature. we're refinancing the house and we missed one of the spots on the loan application that we needed to sign. normally i would have just forged it, but we have to sign with our first names, and as much as i tried, my "Robert" was pretty terrible. (i can sign a great "Matt" though.)

i stopped at SIP for a latte on the way back and saw this super cute bike with crocheted spoke thingys on the side, and immediately reminded myself, "see, this is why you need to keep your iPad with you- for photo ops just like this!"

the next day i get an email at work from Matt entitled "thought of you" with just this picture:

also, crocheted spider web? amazing! (seen on tumblr so of course no source)

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