May 1, 2012

Garden update. week 1-1.5

this is more for my mom and godmother Robin, who flew up 2 weekends ago to transform our blank slate of a backyard into the beginning of something beautiful. they were so generous with their time and resources; i want to keep them up to date on the plants they left in my black thumb's care. eep!

first of all, whoever convinced the other 2 of us to get the bleeding hearts is a genius. these things are blooming like champs right now and make me so happy. (click any of the photos- except the first one for some reason- for an enlarged version)

the rhododendrons have lost most of their original blooms, but there is new growth on both of them. 
this guy has lost a few branches... super mutant squirrels hopped up on flour tortillas?
the hostas are all doing great. the ferns are surviving despite periodic trampling by our mutant squirrel and bunny population. (i even tried staking one, to no avail. edit- i tried staking the FERN, not the squirrel/bunny) i did put out some red pepper flakes around the bed by the garage, but maybe i need more...?
the lilac is looking alright, but some of its leaves are browning a bit on the tips, and a couple of the blooms are droopy despite the rain. any idea?

the burning bush, hydrangea, and arborvitae all looks the same. ditto for the herbs. we've gotten enough rain lately that i haven't had to water. it's actually raining right now and will continue through tomorrow. it has been so, so nice to look out our windows or come home from work and see actual gardens with beautiful plants in our yard. i am excited to get another fern & hosta, and hopefully decide on what to use as a border. right now i am thinking about brick... mom, feel free to pin any brick border gardens on Pinterest for me!

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