May 9, 2012

wednesday night.

worked a long, annoying workday... while staring longingly at the beautiful weather outside. came home to find that Matt had picked up our favorite take out meal for dinner. that, a Kayak Kolsch and old episodes of Biggest Loser made it all better.

in other news, tonight i learned that Matt has never heard of Raffi. and this man calls himself a musician!

when i was little, my friend Katherine & I were obsessed with a snake. she was a giant boa constrictor named Joyous Squeezer who lived at the Discovery Center in Charlotte, about 1.5 hours away. our moms would often drive us up there to go visit her- stars in their crowns for sure. i remember sitting in the back seat with Katherine, under a blanket, and singing along to the Baby Beluga album & Paul Simon (the "mama pajama" song), over and over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

and I remember all the words :)