April 20, 2012

the Cheez-it Situation

i've never had much of a sweet tooth. i don't really like cake or- gasp- cupcakes. usually the only "dessert" thing in our house is a bar of
BT McElrath dark chocolate. what i do have is a salty tooth. i crave savory, salty snacky things. wheat thins, pistachios, oriental snack mix, tortilla chips, and my latest addiction- Cheez-its. i have zero self-control around Cheez-its. it started with a mid-afternoon snack emergency at work (random factoid- all items in our vending machines are kosher). i had forgotten how delicious Cheez-its were, and after a weekish i had zero change in my purse because i had given it all to the vending machine. so of course the next time i went to the grocery store, i bought a box b/c it's more economical and therefore smarter, right? wrong. if there is a box in the house or at work, it's gone within a day or two. i'm not saving money on Cheez-its, i'm just eating more Cheez-its.

i tried leaving the box at home and just taking a small portion to work with me. no dice- i get home and then eat all the Cheez-its. if the box is at work, there's no hope. how can i simultaneously allow myself a reasonable portion of Cheez-its while also protecting myself from what remains in the box?

well, i stumbled upon a solution and i'm quite proud of myself. recently at the grocery store i noticed a box of Cheez-its in small snack portions, like for kids' lunchboxes. so i bought a box and left it in the trunk of my car. now, if i am at home or work and want Cheez-its, i have to drag my lazy ass out to the alley/parking lot to retrieve a modestly-portioned bag from my car. folks, this has worked like a charm. i've had the box for weeks and have dipped into it maybe twice a week. it's a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but i'll take what i can get.
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ashley rebekah said...

i have found that stapling the box (or bag) shut has worked for me as well. i simply don't want to waste the staples...

i am also have a savory-toothed problem. i can easily pass on cupcakes and ice cream, but if someone puts some salt&vinegar chips in front of me or blue corn tortilla chips, it's over.

Amy said...

Corrie, I had to read this post since getting your email. Love, love, love it. Unfortunately, the idea will not work for people like me who love Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream (a completely wasted melted mess would be too frustrating for this practical chocolate-loving soul). Imagine if we had stumbled on your love of cheez-its in college (think of the damage we did on animal crackers!).