October 22, 2011

You are a runner.

so, sometimes i'm not the most easygoing person. i don't naturally "roll with the punches," it's something i have to actively work towards. most of the time, i like my days to have a plan, and go according to plan. (i realize this sounds incredibly boring). my husband is the opposite. he is a spontaneous, shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy. if plans change last-minute, NBD for him. meanwhile, the left side of my brain is quietly seizing.

Thursday was one of those days that had a plan, and the day did not go according to plan. we took my car in to the mechanic for a few things that would take "an hour, hour and a half tops." well, it took about 6 hours before it was done. Matt had a gig that night about 2 hours away, and he had to pick up some of the guys and meet the other guy at his work. so in order to have a car, i ended up abandoning my plans and riding along on the Greycoats shuttle service, then taking the car after they were all where they needed to be. about an hour or so later, the garage calls to say they are done with my car. i weigh my options- i could take the bus over there, which would take a long time. or i could ride my bike... except my tire is flat. but i have a spare tube and I've been meaning to fix it anyway, so no problem, right? it wasn't until i get home that i realize my tire levers are... in my car, at the mechanic's. so i toil away for about 20 minutes trying to change my bike tube without any proper tools*. and then my brain stops and goes,

"hey, you're a runner. why don't you RUN to the mechanic?"

i can't believe i didn't think of it sooner. i was already planning to run today, and according to Google Maps, the distance to the mechanic was the exact same distance i am running these days. so i suited up, headed out, and ran there. and it was awesome. i usually run loops on bike/pedestrian paths, so i wasn't used to the stoplight interruptions and uh, hills. but there was something about it that made me feel kinda bad-ass. need to get somewhere? no problem, i will just take myself there on my own two damn feet!

admittedly, it wasn't the fastest option. my bike would have been quicker. even the bus would have gotten me there sooner. but i felt a little dose of healthy pride when the sweet old man mechanic said, "oh, you got da sniffles?" and i replied, "well, i actually ran here, so i think the sniffles are from the cold outside." but the best part was right when i was about to leave, he glanced at the lines of scribble on my hand and joked, "hey, are those your directions to run here?" i smiled and said, "yep, they actually are!"

*for the record, i did get the bike tube changed, thankyouverymuch.

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A. Balgaard said...

This is great! So, we are built for transporting ourselves? What a cRaZy idea!!