October 28, 2011

Proposal Graffiti

seen here

I guess today is Graffiti Day!

Proposal stories are great, because they are all so personal and unique. i've heard some really complicated & outlandish ones- my own proposal story spans an entire week, multiple people, places and mysterious green bags. i've also heard really simple & heartfelt ones, like my friend whose husband proposed to her in his favorite spot in his childhood home. and i love the ones with plans that went awry, which of course makes for a great story later- like my friend who submerged the engagement ring in a creek, and later totally freaked his then-girlfriend out when they "happened upon" the rope and he tried to pull it up (she was thinking something horrible would be on the end of it, like a dead body).

i would love to hear the story that goes with this piece of art, seen somewhere in Minneapolis. the little white box is a great touch- i'm guessing he spray-painted her answer right after she told him.

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