August 20, 2011

party time. excellent.

while sweeping the front sidewalk yesterday, i saw one of the neighbors unloading at least 10 cases of Modelo out of his truck bed. this morning they are putting up black & white balloons and streamers outside. over the hill party? monochromatic wedding reception? really inappropriate kid's birthday party? we'll just have to wait and see. maybe they are just trying to out-do our across-the-alley neighbors... all last Saturday i thought, 'wow the (spanish speaking) church down the road is really going to town with this evangelist. he's been preaching for hours and it's so loud it sounds like he's in my backyard!' turns out, the neighbors were having a birthday party for one of their kids and hired a clown. their backyard is approximately .001 acre, so i'm not sure why the microphone (and speakers cranked to 11) were needed. and i have no idea what he was charging, but that poor clown earned every penny. he was out there for HOURS.

this is the same house where for the last couple years, several times a week in the warmer months, there is a troupe of kids in their car parking area practicing some strange sort of line dancing to a vaguely ethnic song of indeterminable origin. they'll spin right out into the alley, and if you're driving by they hardly move. i've even seen the older kids texting while dancing. it's a really simple dance, so it's not like they're practicing for a competition. but they'll be out there for hours, with a mom or two standing in the garage watching. we still have no idea why they do this, but that song is forever carved into my brain.

in other news, i found a little piece of South Carolina hanging onto my house this morning:

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