August 13, 2011

The internet is good for something, after all.

i love reunion/reconnection stories. and fortunately that's one thing the internet is good for, helping people find each other again. i have a friend whose high school sweetheart was a foreign exchange student from Denmark. he was in the States for a semester or so and then went back home. time passed, she went to college, married, had 3 kids, and endured a divorce. i don't know the whole story, but one day i noticed some pictures she posted on facebook of her and a somewhat familiar-looking guy... after many years they had found each other through facebook and rekindled their romance. today they are married and living in Denmark with her 3 kids. on their wedding day, she wore a bracelet that he had given her 15 years ago. she still had it.

they don't have to be romantic, either. i loved this NPR story about a 57-year-old who meets his father for the first time. short but very sweet- "He put his hands on my face and then touched my knees, each of my knees, and then he took his hands and put his hands next to mine, like he was trying to feel was I really his son."

and then there's this. high school sweethearts who find each other after over 60 years. this is the best thing you will see on the internet today:

81-Year-Old Sweethearts from Danielle Lurie on Vimeo.

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