August 4, 2011

it's time to Make It Work!

Project Runway is back for its 9th season and i'm stoked. for one, we have a hometown girl to cheer on. for two, we have a standing weekly PR date with friends- shows like this are so much more fun to watch in a group. with drinks. and snacks. and for three, i just recently discovered Project Project Runway- a couple of crafty ladies who create their own tiny, Barbie-sized outfits based on the PR challenge that week. as someone who used to make gowns for her Barbies out of black pantyhose, this appeals to me immensely. and i'm pretty sure one of them is local as well, since she mentioned buying her "model" at the Target in Minnetonka. they speak fluent Project Runway, as in, "i'm pretty worried my model only has a top at this point," or "Tim is warning me not to get into pageant territory with these beads."

also bookmarked for ridiculous commentary is Tom and Lorenzo. if nothing else, to go back and re-read these posts over and over again...

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