July 12, 2013

Easy summer reads

after realizing that I've hardly read any fiction recently, I decided to dive into the novels pictured above in my latest library haul. first up, The Keep by Jennifer Egan.

She wrote A Visit from the Goon Squad, so i'm guessing that's why I put this one on my list so many moons ago. after a traumatic episode in their childhood, two cousins reconnect as adults to renovate a castle in Eastern Europe. but the castle, and cousin Howard's plans, both prove to be more than they seem.... it was a great summer read, not super challenging but definitely enjoyable, with a ramped-up ending that delivers a nice plot twist and unexpected ending. 2 thumbs up.

next is a classic example of what my mother calls a "dead body book." the main character kills a man and buries him in his backyard. a year later, a yard service crew unearths 2 bodies on his property... neither of which are the man he killed. pretty good premise, right? it was a decent read, a solid effort for a first novel.

next up, Swamplandia!

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