March 28, 2013

us from space!

 in case you're not aware, the astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station are awesome. due to magical internet connections, they are tweeting, Facebooking, conducting reddit AMA's, making music with Earth... all from the ISS. i follow Col. Chris Hadfield on Facebook, and he posts the most beautiful pictures of Earth along with interesting tidbits about life in space (you swallow your toothpaste after brushing, clothes are worn until too dirty and then thrown away, you don't want to know how they get their water, etc).

anyway, another astronaut on board finally posted a picture of the Twin Cities as they floated overhead a couple days ago (seen above). aren't we lovely from a distance? if you're having trouble making sense of the photo, Bob Collins labeled some of the major landmarks on a Newscut post. 

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