March 3, 2013

doughnuts to the rescue

Scene: driving down Nicollet Avenue, 12:45am, post-gig.

Matt: the sucky thing about these late night gigs, is that you're just so hungry afterwards...
me: I know, i was thinking the same exact thing. actually, I was thinking "what am i going to eat when i get home...?"
Matt: hey, there's that new doughnut place...
me: oh yeah, Glam Doll. they're supposed to be really good- WAITAMINUTE. I think they are open.
Matt: really?
me: yesiremembernowtheyarealatenightdoughnutplaceturnthecararoundturnthecararound

one u-turn later and about $7.00 later, we were the proud owners of a huge apple bourbon fritter (with bacon on top), a peanut butter sriracha* doughnut, and an old fashioned cake doughnut with chocolate icing. probably not the best idea to load up on sugary sugar sugarness right before bed, but last night they really hit the spot. 

*Blogger spell-check doesn't know what sriracha is.... poor Blogger.

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