March 1, 2012

a lovely surprise

the nicest thing happened to me back in December, amidst the hulabaloo of holiday parties, house guests, and illnesses. i got an unexpected package in the mail from a far-away friend, with this amazing, beautiful mini-quilt:

photo (and trapezoid effect) courtesy of my crappy cell phone

isn't it so pretty? it's about 12"x20". she also sent a little note, which said, when you blogged about not having any art to adorn your office @ work, i thought that was such a tragedy! so when you pinned this quilt on pinterest, i knew it had to be!

sometimes the internet can make one feel isolated and anonymous, but sometimes it actually works for the greater good, as long as those who use it are as sweet and thoughtful as Kait. and this is a girl who quilts professionally, by the way. she is continually working on commissions, so it meant the world that she took the time to make this for me.

it's hanging on the wall directly to the right of my computer and is the first thing i see when i get to my cubicle every morning.... a very welcome sight, indeed.

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kait. said...

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for the kind post :) xo