March 16, 2012

Humane Society

shamelessly stolen (and altered) from my favorite Hyperbole and a Half post

so, i am a little bit addicted to the Animal Humane Society website. i first came across it when we came across Gordon, and i was posting "Found Cat" info wherever i could. of course, that doesn't explain why i clicked on "Adoptable Animals", and why i continue to go back to the site and stare at all the little furry faces hoping to find a new home.

applicable tangent: a few years ago, i read
a fascinating article about an amusement park on the same stretch of Midtown Mpls that now houses Target/Cub/Rainbow/YWCA. at the park was one of the world's first fetal incubators (seriously). the hospitals didn't want it, so the french inventor set up shop at amusement parks, women would bring their preemies to him, and the public could pay like a nickel to walk through and look at the tiny babies incubating away. it was a raging financial success because housewives would get emotionally attached to one of the babies, so they would return daily- or multiple times a day- to make sure "their" baby was still alive. this is me and the Humane Society website. i get emotionally attached to some of the animals (there is a bunny named Steve Martin, i mean come on) and i check back to see if they were adopted. this one old lady dog named Sasha was just breaking my heart last week- she looked so sweet and awesome, and her picture was up forEVER.

right now, i'm really rooting for


and Davey (i ♥ all the obese cats)

if you prefer happy tears, they also post a multitude of Success Stories, written by the owners, about animals that were adopted and are now thriving in their new homes. click through if you dare, but if you're against crying in your cubicle i would consider this NSFW.

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