July 29, 2011

Great ceilings of Minnesota

on the State of the Arts blog this morning, there was a post about the great ceilings of the world, which ended by asking what ceiling in MN would take the prize as best ceiling in the state. for me, it's a toss-up. we got married at Lakewood Memorial Chapel and its interior and dome ceiling are comprised of Italian mosaics, shipped here in 1909 with their own artisans to put the whole thing together. it's a smaller space but still breathtaking.

photo by Jesce Walz

This past weekend we traveled up to Grand Marais for our 2nd anniversary, and before we hit the road back to Minneapolis, we stopped at the Naniboujou Lodge for lunch. our only reason for going was actually to see the dining room with its awesome ceiling, but the food was surprisingly excellent, especially my wild rice burger.

photo by Matt

come to think of it, there was also a pretty great ceiling during our 1st anniversary trip to Wisconsin. Matt played a show with his friend/client Vicky Emerson at this amazing theatre called the Mabel Tainter. it's a tiny venue but makes up for its lack of space with straight-up grandeur.

photo by me

i'm sensing a theme here... i guess we'll have to find another awesome ceiling to visit for our 3rd anniversary next year! maybe this one?

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Carolynn Cecilia said...

I will honest. I never would have thought Minnesota would have just stunning ceiling art.