July 20, 2011

finished but never done.

the movies may be finished (until someone remakes them in 40 years) but the story will no doubt enchant people for who knows how long. i finally saw movie #7.2 last night... it wasn't the best HP movie, but it was a decent ending to the franchise. what it really did was remind me how much I loved the last book, how JK Rowling weaves everything from all the other books into such a rich conclusion, and the incredible life lessons she manages to impart through a fairy tale world.

for one, the idea that individuals are not wholely good or evil, we all have the opportunity and proclivity for both. it's the choices we make that lead us down a path of virtue & righteousness, or a path of deception & wrongdoing. there are main characters who, in the beginning, seem so obviously good or evil, but as time passes, we are allowed into either their darker or more benevolent side and suddenly the lines of hero vs. villian become quite blurry. someone you trusted implicitly now seems to have suspicious motivations. someone you hated from day one may just turn out to be your favorite character. such is real life, sometimes. make the effort to dig deep and you'll begin to discover someone's true nature.

secondly, the idea that all people are equal and equally deserving of basic rights and privileges. so many of her creatures' plights closely resemble real human rights struggles- apartheid, slavery, prejudice and discrimination. whether you are an enslaved house elf, a misunderstood magical creature, a displaced giant, or a destined-for-evil towhead, you are worthy of life, and of freedom.

(the other enjoyable part of seeing the movie last night- hearing the HP fans giggle at the Breaking Dawn trailer. it's gonna be so terrible, i can't wait.)

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