May 25, 2011

Via Media.

a friend recently tagged me in a FB note entitled "What church do you go to, what is so awesome about your church and why should i go there?" despite my lapsed attendance, i still adore the Episcopal church. for my own posterity, my response:

i'm a dyed-in-the-wool Episcopalian. i love the liturgy, i love that millions all over the world, for ages and ages, have been praying the same prayers as me. i love that the service is about Communion, not the sermon or the worship, so it's very rare to find a cult of personality in an Episcopal church. i love following the church calendar and observing Lent and Advent, not just celebrating Christmas and Easter. i love that they never shied away from the arts and continue to celebrate them, not because it's trendy, but because that is what they have always done. i even love all the standing, sitting, and kneeling that goes on. the feeling of doing that together, with an entire congregation, is so unifying. back when i was going to church regularly, i loved Messiah Episcopal in St. Paul. but because of the liturgy and centuries of tradition, you can go to most of them and experience all the things i mentioned above.

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