June 29, 2011

it's busy in here.

a quick record of the last weekish...

last week matt had tracking sessions until 9-10pm every night, and i was at home trying not to bond with a cat who has basically adopted us. (this was far more emotionally taxing than it sounds) on friday one of our besties (i hate that word but strangely wanted to use it) was in town for just a few days, so i rescued him from the burbs and we drank a pot of coffee together at the B Dub and caught up on major life happenings. then we found our way to the Triple Rock for some happy hour burger baskets and hang time with matt and another old friend. the next day we picked him up and hung out for a while at matt's studio, listening to new greycoats and marveling at matt's incredible talent. then we went down to St. Anthony Main and wandered along Water Power Park, had an early dinner and dropped matt back at the studio for rehearsal. we continued the fun at the new Wilde Roast Cafe, which has relocated to St. Anthony Main. a little wine and creme brulee and more catching up, musing about growing up and the inevitabile changes that come with it.

sunday morning was filled with chores and as much laundry i could pack in, then i was off to Como Conservatory with another friend to see the infamous Corpse Flower! i had learned of this plant years ago, and was so delighted and intrigued by it, i included it in my list of things i want to see or do before i die. my buddy let me know that Como had one and it was about to bloom, and i began to obsessively watch the "Corpse Cam" for updates about when it might bloom. we knew Sunday was too early but figured better to see it pre-bloom than miss it entirely! after spending some time with the Corpse Bud, we toured the other plant rooms, mourned that the sloth was off breeding and we wouldn't get to see her, and took a look at some of the other animals in the zoo. then back home and i was off to meet up with another out-of-town friend, who i learned only the day before would be in town for a conference. he was an intern of mine back in 2004, and i had only seen him once since then. after navigating the mess of the U under road construction, we miraculously found each other and had dinner at Punch, filled with more catching up on each other and mutual friends. a quick pit stop at the house to meet matt and then he was safely back at the U and i was finally home from an unusually busy Sunday.

this week has continued in a similar fashion- Monday was another chiropractor appointment, this one longer because they finally took an X-ray of my foot. (no stress fracture, so good news i guess) then errands and making food for Tuesday's dinner at a friends' house. Tuesday was back to the grocery store to get the things i forgot on Monday and dinner with the friends, followed by a last-minute detour to the studio at 10pm because one of the musicians from that day's session thought he left his keys there. it was worth it just to meet him, though- a very large African American man who when we met, gave me a hug "just for comin' out." thanks guy. today i left work for a few hours to go see the Corpse Flower in full bloom, and tonight is Greycoats at the Varsity. tomorrow is hopefully exchanging my running shoes for a better fit, and a test run. and Friday is a concert at the Minnesota Zoo that i haven't even had time to get excited about yet- The Monkees. they were the first "band" i ever loved, and Mickey Dolenz was my first celebrity crush. i still love his voice, and believe (along with his bandmates) that he should have been the lead singer. they are doing a reunion tour, and i decided to take advantage of what will probably be my last chance to see a group who i dearly loved as a child.

Saturday and Sunday should be quiet, and all i want to do for the 4th is bike downtown to the Mississippi and watch the fireworks. this introvert needs a little respite from all the fun.

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