April 24, 2011

what's the buzz, tell me what's happenin'

ever since moving to Minnesota, my most consistent Easter tradition has been to watch Jesus Christ Superstar in the afternoon. the night before, we were at a friends' house and listened to almost the entire rock opera on vinyl. i realized that night that i have a JCSS compulsion- if it's playing, i HAVE to sing along. i can't stop. we made dinner, and sat down to eat dinner, and i could barely get food in my mouth because i literally could not stop singing.

my favorite part is a tiny little moment sandwiched between much larger numbers (Simon the Zealot and Clearing the Temple), much like the story's placement in the Gospels. i always thought it was an underappreciated, overlooked piece of the whole puzzle, and i'm happy to see it get a little attention here.

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