October 26, 2012

Interesting Facts from RG3's Wikipedia page

1. he was born in Japan
2. he was a track & field star in HS and college, advancing to the Olympic semi-finals in the 400-meter hurdles
3. he was HS class president and ranked 7th in his graduating class, and graduated a semester early
4. he went to Baylor University, starting in the spring when he was only 17
5. he graduated in three years with a degree in political science and a 3.67 GPA, having started a Master's degree in communication
6. he is the first NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA player to have Roman numerals on his jersey
7. he is the NFL's first starting quarterback who was born in the 1990's
8. due to his immediate endorsement deals, he earned more than any other rookie in NFL history before the season even began
9. this is his fiancée, a fellow Baylor student

the inevitable Wikipedia-induced rabbit hole led me to this great article about his early life, from the perspective of his father, RG2. my favorite part is his penchant for novelty socks, as seen below:

1, 2, 3
cute, non?

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