August 25, 2012

The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance

my friend Mandi had recommended this one to me years ago, but i had forgotten the title and couldn't remember enough of the keywords to properly Google it. then a couple months ago, as i was listening to one of my favorite storytellers on one of my favorite podcasts, the host introduced her by mentioning her memoir The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, and finally 2 + 2 = me putting the book on hold at the library.

the book is great- it's her story about growing up Mormon and moving to New York to go to NYU, attempting to keep the faith while becoming an authentic New Yorker. if you've ever wondered about the 20-something Mormon singles scene in New York... it's bleak. She struggles with both her religion and the surrounding culture she find herself in, especially as an aspiring actor.

i had heard some of the stories before on the Risk podcast, and definitely preferred hearing her perform them live as opposed to reading them. my absolute favorite is For The Love of Nubbins (read on This American Life as "Babies Buying Babies"). you can click here for the whole podcast, or watch the link below:

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