July 19, 2012

Finders Keepers: one year later

it's been over a year since Gordon wandered into our backyard, basement, and ultimately the entire house... which he now rules with an iron kitty fist. he's a loud, bossy kitty who likes to get his way. bathroom door shut when he wants to sit on the windowsill in there? don't think for a minute you'll get to poop in peace until you let him in to keep you company. and when it's his turn to "go", if the litter box isn't freshly scooped, believe me you'll hear about it.

but he's also a very sweet kitty who just wants you to slow down and sit in the same space with him. not for cuddling really, he just likes his people close by. he also likes back & face scratches, and his favorite toy is this lame piece of twine i braided for him one of his first nights hanging out with me in the backyard.

he has several nicknames- The Kitty, KiKi (derived from Kitty Kitty), Kunte Kittae, Kinton (said in a Tim Gunn voice), and my favorite- Keeper. as in "he's a keeper." it came to mind a  few months ago and i kinda wish we had named him that. but for whatever reason Gordon fits him so we're sticking with it.

i never in a million years thought i would own a cat. i was allergic to cats, i'd never lived with cats, i didn't "get" cats. but this little guy has brought us so much joy and laughter (and conversation!) over the last year, i can't imagine life as it is without him. 

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Matt said...

Don't forget Louis Kuitton!