November 23, 2011

my Metrodome debut

photo from here

so, i've been running off and on for the last decade-ish. in college i chose running as my go-to exercise because you don't need anything to run other than running shoes and... outside. (i.e. the "no excuses" approach) however, when you live in a climate that routinely has 0 degree days in the winter, outside doesn't really cut it anymore. (i'm sure there are crazies here that run straight into that madness. props to them and their frostbitten fingers.) in the past i've had memberships to gyms with indoor tracks, so this is the first time i haven't had a viable indoor running option. last winter i took a break from running, and this spring i had to start all over again, which resulted in an injury that sidelined my running for a couple months. so this year my goal is to become a 4 season runner, somehow.

i was happily running outside until Daylight Savings hit in early November, causing me to lose that last hour of light that i reserved for my post-workday runs. (don't even think about suggesting i run in the mornings.) it was then that i remembered something i had heard about last year- running at the Metrodome. yep, the one that collapsed last year. i did a little Googling and found the info- every Tuesday and Thursday evening from now until spring, you can pay a dollar to run inside the Metrodome.
having never set foot inside ye ole dome, i was intrigued and decided to give it a shot... and it was great! you run around the concourse on the 200 level of the dome. i don't know why, but before i got there i had visions of myself sprinting alongside the field in some sort of Adrian Peterson fantasy. in reality it's more like running past coolers stocked with Budweiser and the lingering smell of dome dogs. i also thought it would be all elite runners and i would be the lone, lame novice shuffling along off to the side while everyone lapped me. but it was a nice mix of ages and abilities, and i actually passed some runners that weren't octogenarians, so bonus for my ego.

the details:
almost every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8pm (full list of dates here)
cost- $1.00 each time
free parking in the Metrodome parking lot at 5th St and 11th Ave
some bathrooms are open for changing and well, using the bathroom. people just plop their coats and bags along the edge of the concourse.

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