July 27, 2010

Someone is always watching.

So, I’m waiting in line at the Byerly’s Red Box to return our dvd and get another. There’s a family in front of me who’re renting like 3 movies, and they let their toddler daughter do all the touchscreen stuff. I’m getting a little annoyed/impatient. When their dvd’s are finally vending, the mom turns around and give a little smile and says, “sorry!” I just smile in return. So as they step away and I step up to the machine, she goes, “….um, are you Corey?”

Me: Corrie.
Her: …. And you’re married to….?
Me: Matt.
Her: that’s what I thought! Matt Patrick!
Me, while trying to return the dvd: yep… How do you know Matt?
Her: Actually, I knew him through [insert ex-wife's name]. I went to high school with her.
Me: oh! (can’t think of anything to say) Random.
Her: yeah, I’m X, nice to meet you! Yeah, I just…. I…. well…. IrecognizedyoufromFacebook. (looks embarrassed) I just… remember faces really well.
Me: Oh! Well, nice to meet you X.
Her: tell Matt I said hello!
Me: I sure will. Enjoy all your movies…

All the while, I’m thinking, “please leave before you realize I’m renting the second Twilight movie…”

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