October 9, 2008

slightly embarrassed by the lingering popularity of Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts in the hometown

back in SC for a little visit, i decided to clean some of my things still lingering at Mom's house. i found my stash of Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts from the early 90's- remember when they were so cool? and now they're so not? anyway, i had amassed a nice little collection and kinda felt bad just tossing them into the Goodwill pile. so i threw a little ad up on Craigslist and.... oh my. the flurry of emails that followed! it was a basic "curb alert" type ad and people were literally begging me to hold the shirts for them until they got off work. the bag was gone from the driveway within the hour. so, if you've got some tees of your own to dispose of, you know where they're wanted...

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